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Website Design





This was a project highly focused on typography, in which the goal was to create and design a recipe-sharing platform.


I chose to create a website, as there’s been a shift & online is now where the majority of people get their recipes. Most popular recipe sites work similarly to a search engine; they are extremely large sites with thousands of pages of recipes in every food genre you can imagine. These sites place their focus on gathering the most recipes they can and just keeping the feed updated. The problem is, these recipes hold no weight and have no impact; if the feed is crammed full of more recipes than you can count, they all become less and less important individually because there’s going to be 20 new recipes on the feed tomorrow.


I decided I wanted to offer something more than just a recipe on a page. I wanted to give these recipes something contextual that gives them weight and makes them impactful. I first decided I wanted to focus only on cocktails to let our audience know: this is our main focus and making cocktails is what we excel at. I then decided that I wanted to tell the story of these cocktails alongside the recipes. The recipes then become a vehicle to share someone’s experience and tell a story, as opposed to ingredients and instructions in a list. I wanted the site to feel like something special, like stumbling upon an old storybook.

The typography, look, & feel is largely inspired by 1970s book covers. I wanted to create the opposite of the cramped, content-heavy standard recipe website. The layout is intentionally very simple: two columns with large bright typography layed over tall & colorful buttons. I wanted the recipe name buttons to imitate books on a bookshelf and the recipes to resemble book pages. I chose the name “Where Cocktails Lie” because it has two parallels: the website is literally where you’ll find recipes of cocktails lying around, & the stories accompanying the recipes are drinking tales; meaning, they are influenced by alcohol & therefore could be exaggerated due to being inebriated at the time of their occurence.