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A February 2016 Presidential Economic Report delivered to Congress predicts an 83% chance that a worker making less than $20 an hour in 2010 will eventually lose their job to a machine. Even workers making as much as $40 an hour face odds of 31%. We need to prepare our future workforce for job automation by training better creative thinkers.



We believe reading is the key to developing the much-needed analytical, critical, and problem solving skills. The Stacks user experience is geared towards third grade kids, but is fun and intuitive for almost anyone. Using augmented reality, Stacks reveals the helpful and hungry monsters who live inside books in the library. Stacks is a mobile app that teaches kids how to use a library, discover the magic of books, and love reading.



Scan the barcode on the back of your book and it will appear on the screen. Synced with Accelerated Reader’s database, the monster will ask you AR questions and record the points you earn. The higher your score, the more your monsters grow, and the more coins you earn! Through AR test scores and in-app purchases, you will earn coins that can be spent in the store. Does your monster want a bow-tie or a gold chain? You decide, personalize your monsters, and enjoy books!