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Website Design





I was hired by Qutee and brought on as head designer to work closely alongside developers creating innovative website mechanics, marketing materials, social media advertisements,  tutorial videos, & a wide variety of essential assets.

Approach is a forum-style site that collects comments from consumers & uses Natural Language Processing to provide insights to businesses. Qutee provides you with a unique platform to capture community conversation providing unique and useful mechanics like the “Q Gauge”, sentiment tagging, comment filters, & polling ability. As your online discussion progresses, the data collected is analyzed in real time to be downloaded in an in-depth report as you please. 


The site needed to be designed with two viewpoints in mind: the business owner seeking insights versus the consumer being asked to share their opinion and let it be heard. On the business side, the site needed to look clean and technically impressive. All of the benefits of the complex mechanics and backend functions needed to be explained clearly, but explained simply enough as to not scare away potential users. This led to the creation of tutorial videos and infographics for the many different use cases. A YouTuber or influencer using Qutee to recieve feedback from their audience probably won’t use the site the same way a large corporation might. These infographics and videos were A/B tested and adjusted accordingly.


Another crucial step was designing all the different web mechanics and tools to be as clean, simple,  and user-friendly as possible. Qutee can be seen as a very complex system for someone new and unfamiliar, so every step throughout the process needed to be explained and demonstrated succinctly. Pretty much every mechanic from the polls, to the filters, to the final insights reports needed to be re-designed to be friendlier and more naturally intuitive to the user. Brand guidelines were also developed to ensure the site stay cohesive in look. In the end,  I’d created a brand new site with brand new designs showcased through in-depth working prototypes for several different use cases on mobile and desktop.