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Founded in 1994, Judicial Watch is an American conservative, non-partisan watchdog group that seeks to expose alleged misconduct by government officials. They have sued an extensive list of politicians including Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama. Currently, their branding, language, and online presence paints them as biased extremists, when their goal is to be the opposite. The other hurdle they face, is that their members are growing old and dying off. As of right now, they do not have a single thing on their website communicating how one would go about getting involved or volunteering. Not to mention most young people would instantly be scared away at first glance of their current site.


If Judicial Watch wants to live and prosper for years to come, they’re going to need to attract younger members and teach them to operate the organization properly. What they’re communicating right now, on purpose or not, is that they are an elitist, private organization that is not looking to expand or include anyone in their activities. If they keep this up, they’ll die out.


The solution is a re-brand of Judicial Watch’s look, messaging, & online presence. Young people have a hard time relating to and seeing how politics is relevant to them. The rebranded Judicial Watch website is structured around state, local, and federal news to prioritize their relevence and give some context to those who aren’t as well-adversed in politics. Users can also use the pin on the top menu bar to tailor the home page articles to their local area. The look and feel was modernized drastically by adding lots of large, powerful photography and expressive type. A section on getting involved was added to very simply lay out the goals Judicial Watch is fighting to achieve as well as provide a way for anyone to help out and get involved. Whether it be writing to your senator, rallying at a protest, or donating to the cause, the new Judicial Watch site will provide you with all the information and means to make getting involved as easy as can be!