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App Design





For this project I was assigned the peculiar task of inventing a new form of the wealth value system. This would lead to the creation of a new system of currency which might represent the United States in years to come. The last time a wealth sytem was redefined was the 1930’s so you can see the room for improvement due to rapidly growing new technologies.


With more organizations and corporations becoming more environmentally conscious every day, my first thought was that it is necessary to eliminate paper dollars. It is a waste on many, many levels to print something that can be effectively implemented digitally. Another issue with our current system is that cash is easily misplaced, destroyed, or stolen, creating problems such as inflation. I wanted to make something that is universal to everyone, able to be displayed digitally, & with no way to steal or destroy it.


My solution is a system of currency called Eyepay. Eyepay is a cutting-edge mobile application available on all platforms that solves problems more effectively than our current wealth system. First, small, portable eye scanners would be installed in all stores (similar to the conversion to the credit card chip happening currently). When you pay with Eyepay, you would scan your eye on one of the scanners, which would link to your bank account and process your payment. Everyone’s eye is uniquely different which prevents replication or fraud. Your eye is impossible to lose track of which eliminates the need to carry cash or worry about being robbed for it. The Eyepay app allows users to send funds, pay bills, deposit checks, and login simply by scanning your eye. Who know we already had the key to the future of the wealth system right on our faces the whole time?