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High fashion brands strive to be perceived as “greater than”. These brands want to portray a certain lifestyle that is so luxurious and desirable, but at the same time want their target audience to have something to relate and connect to. The solution for Prada to connect with their audience more effectively is to show their customers how to live their own Prada Life.


Prada provides a high quality, luxury product whether it’s a handbag or a pair of heels. Prada Life will apply that same standard of quality to our reader’s lifestyle. The reader will feel the same guarantee they feel while purchasing a product from Prada, when they visit a restaurant  recommended by Prada Life.


The first layer of Prada Life is the online magazine portion. This portion contains articles written by expert curators in categories such as fashion, decorum, & art. The reader will basically be wearing Prada-colored-glasses so to speak when reading through and exploring articles on what restaurants to eat at when in Paris. It’s an opportunity for Prada fans to gain knowledge through the brand that doesn’t necessarily pertain to something Prada’s inherently known for.