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High fashion brands strive to be perceived as “greater than”. Their goal is to exemplify luxury. Open a magazine and take a look at a couple luxury brand ads. You might start feeling inadequate. This is all fine and makes sense as that’s what these brands set out to be: lavish, top-tier attractive, & a bit over the top. The problem here is that every brand out there needs to connect & communicate with their audience in some way, shape, or form. The audience needs that connection to a brand to be in any way emotionally involved and much more likely to become a loyal customer.


Can a brand defined to be “higher than” everyone around them connect with their audience? The last thing these companies want to do is water down their brand and get down on their audience’s level. In turn, the audience has no capability or intention of rising up to meet the competitive image of a luxury brand either. How do these two very different worlds come together to relate and connect on a new level?


The answer is Prada Dream. This is a mobile collaging application created for the luxury brand Prada. It takes imagery and clipart curated by Prada and allows the user to create their own unique collage comprised of artwork embodying the vibe of Prada. The photo feature allows you to add yourself into the collage and the edit section allows you to adjust the brightness, contrast and more. Once you’ve finished your masterpiece, you can head over to the “explore” section that allows you to learn about the real-life context of the art you’ve used. As you tap on different parts of your collage, popups will appear providing background information and a short bio about the original artist, their work, and their previous collaborations with Prada. When your collage is finished, you are given options to connect with just about any social media there is and share with your friends, your Prada Dream.