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The goal of this project was to choose an industry and create, design, and brand a store that solves current day issues in that industry. I chose to do a skateboard shop because I see a lot of lost opportunity across the country as well as in the Atlanta area.


The modern-day skateboarder is a very interesting, finicky target audience to reach. Modern skaters typically either order online (due to lower prices & convenience), or feel like they should be sponsored and having to pay for boards means they suck at skating. Skaters generally are also very cheap and feel as if most products are either overpriced, or not up to quality standards. This comes from a lot of skateboarding companies producing low quality, inadequate clothing and products. The way to win over skaters is slow and steady. Providing something reliable and beneficial for them first, and eventually they will be won over.


Skateshops that are successful are typically very comfortable to hangout and spend time at. Usually they include things like couches, a large screen playing skate videos, and benches out front to sit and smoke. If you give skateboarders a reason to come to the shop besides the pain of having to buy new wheels, they’re more likely to have a pleasant experience and want to come back. If they continue coming back to hangout, they’re inevitably going to buy something.

Skateshops are similar to clubs in that the more people hanging out there, the more appealing it will look to potential customers. That’s where the name Lounge 44 came from; I wanted it to have the vibe of a loung you’d want to go hangout at.

The shop will be styled a bit differently than a classic skateshop. It will be a boutique styled skateshop carrying fewer products of higher quality displayed properly. Many shops in the early to mid 2000s were very small, cluttered, and the products were all crammed on tiny racks. It didn’t exactly give the feeling that the products were anything to be cherished, or even purchased. It just looked like one too many t-shirts crammed on a rack. We will aim to cut out unnecessary stock, only offer products from reputable, core skate brands, and display them how they deserve to be displayed.