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This project’s objective was to create and organize an event or reunion based around the general personality of your family. The event’s goal was to address, bring to light, and provide a solution for one of the biggest problems you currently have in your family.


Personally, my family’s biggest problem is that we are distant from each other and don’t connect as effectively as we could. My family members are spread far and wide across the country and it’s easy to get caught up in our own little worlds. It’s easy to stay busy and celebrate our own lives individually, but we still need to reconnect & be a family. I needed to creat an event to bring us all together and bring the family bond back.


What I came up with is a family hedge maze called Lost and Found. All the different branches and segments of the family would each arrive at different entrances of the enormous maze. The immediate families would work together and journey through the maze occasionally having to complete a challenge to advance. The families are all working to get to the very center of the maze where the hedges open up into a clearing and there is a feast for everyone! We are all lost in our own sections in the maze of life, but at the end of the day, a family must take time out to be together and support each other.