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Clothing Design


I started filming a little over a decade ago when I pressed record on my friends trying to skateboard in the driveway. Taking the footage and editing my first couple short videos as a kid instantly had me hooked. The freedom of being able to take a camera and make something you’re really proud of out of nothing is what has kept me inspired to create things and what eventually led me to find my love for design. 

Over the years I’ve filmed, edited, produced, and hosted premieres for 6 full-length projects, while also releasing shorter YouTube web edits, Instagram videos, animations, & shorter films. My three most recent films have been released under the collective that me and my friends created called Widdip Atlanta. 

Since starting Widdip in 2014, we’ve used that platform to release our films, showcase photography, write articles, conduct interviews, design and produce clothing, and collaborate with artists. 

To view more of my work with Widdip, go to or follow us @widdipatlanta

Isla Voyeur (2017)