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I was brought on by the Atlanta Design Festival team to work within their established branding and create the 2018 & 2019 “MA! Design is Human” publications, as well as update their website with new information about their upcoming architecture tours.



With a clean aesthetic and strong branding, the Atlanta Design Festival’s goal is to develop & strengthen Atlanta’s design economy. The festival itself is an open platform for designers, brands, academia, government entities and the like to form a dialogue about the social and economic impact of design. The “Design is Human” book is published annually in conjunction with the festival to showcase what is happening in design worldwide & the architecture tour is yet another way that MA! takes action to grow the design economy by studying contemporary architecture and design in Atlanta and neighboring cities.


Familiarizing myself with MA! & the Atlanta Design Festival’s clean aesthetics and bold typography was a very important part of making sure to stay on brand. Working with the ADF organizer Bernard McCoy, I organized and implemented new photos, calendar, & articles into the architecture tour website & Design is Human books for 2018-2019.